Syria's Worst Chemical Massacre - happened in August 21st, 2013 --Regime continue attacking and never stopped 

Canadian Relief for Syria (CRS) Urges Canadians to Extend their Help to the Devastated Damascus Suburbs and different regions after the Deadly Chemical Attacks.

In response to the Aug 2013 Chemical Weapon Agent (CWA) attack in Syria that killed at least 1,300 persons, CRS has launched urgent appeals to Government and organizations across Canada to provide urgent medical supplies of antidotes to counteract the harmful effects posed to CWA. 

There is an urgent need for Atropine, Bronchodilator, anti-emetic, Ambu bags and Emergency personnel protective gears.

Reported by Washington post, massive chemical weapons attack had killed scores of people. Many of the casualties are women and children in the Damascus suburbs and left makeshift hospitals packed with victims gasping for breath. 

CRS have been informed directly by the local medical offices in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus suburb that a series of chemical loaded missiles had hit the cities of Zamalka, Ein Tarma, Douma, Harsta, Daryya, Erbeen, and Moadamyae. The number of casualties continued to rise as time goes by. As reported by our medical teams in the area, symptoms are all related to exposure to toxic gas, ranging from shortness of breath to copious secretions to convulsion to death.

CRS and UOSSM condemns this barbaric attack that claim thousands of innocent lives, and urges International organizations to hold their responsibilities toward saving lives and provide medical and relief aids. 

CRS Background: 
(CRS) is a Canadian-based, non-partisan and non-government organization. CRS’s mission is to facilitate humanitarian aid and medical relief to civilians in war-torn Syrian towns. CRS has been playing a major role in establishing and maintaining Field Hospitals, Rehab Centers and Emergency Medical Points across Syria, in addition securing medical supplies to above. 

Chemical Weapon Attack: If the cause of death and the scale of the killing were confirmed, it would be the worst known use of chemical weapons since Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein gassed thousands of Kurds in the town of Halabja in 1988.

Fast facts: 
110,000+ killed, 25% of which were non-fatal injuries 
400,000+ wounded
50,000+ permanently disabled 
78% of Ambulance are damaged or out of service
2 million Refugees fled to neighboring countries 
5 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) 
6.8 million need Humanitarian Aid

For inquiry contact:  Dr. Maher Saqqur, MD MPH FRCPC   CRS, Medical Committee (Head).  
                              Private contact: email:    Tel: 780-902-0219    
To donate to fund purchase of medication to help in comabating chemical agents, please follow this link:

My Trip To Aleppo / Syria  There was also a two-year old girl, the same age as my youngest daughter, who was crying in severe pain because part of her brain tissues was bulging out from the top of her head. A medical student was trying to stitch her head after pushing back parts of her brain. Her brown eyes were looking at me as if she was asking for help. I pulled out a few twizzlers and lollipops I carried in my pockets for the children, and put them inside her hand. She squeezed them and tightened her grip. Twenty minutes later, I found her dead with the candies clenched in her palm. My eyes grew teary and I walked away. The most depressing events in the hospital were the c-sections. The room was often dark, and the pregnant woman would lie down on a freezing metallic, surgical table, waiting for the knife to cut open her abdomen, which of course was not numb with epidural. As a pediatrician, I would stand waiting for the new life to emerge without a warmer to lay the infant under,oxygen in case of an emergency, or suction tools. Many newborns died while transferring them from the dark and cold basement to the first floor. Did they die because of hypothermia or hypoxia? I didn’t know. The new mothers, who could not even stand up straight, were discharged home within a few hours after the c-section. Many of them walked away home carrying their newborn babies, dead or alive. read full trip report: click here
Relief for Syria

a humanitarian obligation and a moral 

The humanitarian disaster that is sweeping Syria today is having a heavy impact on health as well as on the social and psychological status of the population including women, children and the elderly. It is imperative to mobilize the human conscience of all Canadians, Arabs and Syrians, to collaborate in humanitarian effort and relief work. All Syrian Canadians regardless of political, ethnic or religious convictions should be involved in a compassionate charitable
campaign for Syria. 

The distress calls of the wounded, the bereaved, the abandoned orphans and all those who are suffering should incite us to act and not to sit idle. We must reach deep into our soul and call on all Canadians to give generously to help alleviate the suffering by providing relief needs such as medicine, first aid, equipment and food.

For this purpose, The Canadian Relief for Syria (CRS) was established. CRS is a humanitarian, non-profit, non-political body which aims to promote to raise relief funds, through Canadian non-governmental institutions, philanthropic institutions, civil and governmental, inside and outside of Canada. Our humanitarian, moral and civil duties unite us all, as Canadians, of all cultures, religious or ethnic groups. We call on you to respond to the call for assistance. Please give generously to Syria, and its people.

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Press Release: 
--Immediate Release for distribution - Syria's Worst Chemical Ma

BabAlHawa Hospital

CRS would like to thank you for your continuance contribution to ease the suffering in Syria...

Quick figures:
Period : from the Inauguration of Bab AlHawa Specialty Hospital on Jan 5, 2013 up to Jan 21,2013

Number of patients : 300 Patients, of which, 15 were captured assad loyal soldiers/militia

Surgery cases: 84 total Surgeries, broken as follows:
33- Orthopedic cases       
26 - General Surgery
13- Major debridement      
8- Thoracic
3- Vascular Surgery
1- Ophthalmologic surgery & re-constructive
Cornea procedure
1- Neurosurgery & re-constructive nerve surgery

Anesthesia: 86 General, 11 Local, 5 Spinal.

Check out more hospital photos at :
ssacre - August 21st, 2013 --

Press Release - Medical-Aid to Syria, Thank you BC - August 7, 2013


See a video recording of the press conference at :